Joseph P. Barri, Esq.

Background, Experience and Collaborative Relationships.  Mr. Barri is a graduate of Portsmouth (NH) High School, Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School.  After law school he began practicing law at, and became a Senior Partner of, Hale and Dorr in Boston--now WilmerHale.  After orchestrating the acquisition of the venerable "1940 Act" practice group of Gaston Snow, Mr. Barri served as Vice Chair of the resulting Investment Companies and Advisers Practice Group at Hale and Dorr.  He composed, brought to Warsaw and filed Registration Statement No. 1--for Pioneer First Polish Trust Fund--with the Polish Securities Commission on its first day of operation in 1992.  Mr. Barri also founded the Boston Bar Association Subcommittee on Investment Companies and Advisers.
In addition to investment companies and advisers, Mr. Barri has extensive experience and expertise in corporate law, securities public offerings, mergers and acquisitions of public and private companies, including investment company management businesses, and corporate and business trust governance and ethics.  Prior to his current focus on providing Independent Counsel to Independent Fund Trustees and Directors, Mr. Barri represented a number of mutual fund advisers, including Fidelity Investments, and served for more than 20 years on the Management Committee of The Pioneer Group, Inc., then a public company that owned the adviser and principal underwriter of the Pioneer Family of Funds.  He understands fund complexes that are retail, institutional, traditional and master-feeder; and that invest in domestic and international equities, debt and cash instruments and utilize derivative and alternative investment techniques and strategies.  The breath of Mr. Barri's experience allows him to understand the perspectives of all of the interests represented around the board table.  
In his representations of Independent Fund Trustees and Directors, Mr. Barri often collaborates with a Boston-based law firm--with offices in the United States and Europe--that also specializes in representing Independent Fund Trustees and Directors.  For other services like consulting Mr. Barri may provide the service himself or collaborate with a law or consulting firm with appropriate experience.  Mr. Barri has experience with partners of many of the most respected U. S.-based law firms specializing in supporting fund practices, including ERISA and Fund Litigation.  He has also worked with a variety of Industry consulting firms  and with executives at many of the largest fund consulting firms.



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The Firm's Primary Vision is to provide "high quality Independent Counsel"  to its Independent

Trustee and Director clients.   When providing consulting, review and investigative services, the

Firm's Vision is to deliver an excellent, insightful, accurate and complete report that will provide 

board members with a record upon which they may exercise their business judgment

in an informed and defensible manner.

"High quality independent counsel" means protecting all of the parties around the table by helping

them identify and do the right thing for the funds and shareholders; finding "win-win-win" solutions 

that assure that independent fund trustees and directors do not bear any inappropriate risks while

working with Management to accomplish its goals; working well with, and speaking the same language

as, advisory lawyers and other interested parties and counsel; conducting an annual contract review

process that covers traditional governance requirements regarding approvals of related-party

arrangements as well as the Gartenberg and SEC disclosure factors; and, when necessary, disagreeing

without being disagreeable and being firm but friendly.

Working from his home office, Mr. Barri is able to provide clients with independent counsel and other

services on a cost-efficient basis.  When necessary or desirable to collaborate with a legal or consulting

firm with a deserved national reputation for excellence in a specific area, Mr. Barri can assist the client 

with the selection of the firm that best suits its needs and can work with and manage the collaborative 

effort with a view to providing an excellent work product on a cost-efficient basis.



Specializing in Providing Independent Counsel to Independent Fund Directors and Trustees







Through Joseph P. Barri, Esq., the Firm provides highest quality Independent Counsel to Independent Trustees and Directors of registered investment companies.


 The Firm is also available for consulting, review and investigative services.   


Mr. Barri enters only into relationships consistent with being "independent counsel" in accordance with SEC policies.  In addition, he maintains an unblemished 45-year record of compliance with all ethical rules applicable to lawyers in Massachusetts and wherever his practice has taken him. 

Mr. Barri is also available for consulting, reviewing and investigating or overseeing those services.  His 45 years of experience with a variety of funds and fund complexes inform his judgment and expertise regarding fund service providers, related-party arrangements, compliance issues and best practices, among many other matters.